Three Ways To Bring a Bit More 50 Shades Into The Bedroom

Three Ways To Bring a Bit More 50 Shades Into The Bedroom

Three Ways To Bring a Bit More 50 Shades Into The Bedroom

Ever since 50 Shades took the world by storm, plenty of people out there have been looking to inject a little more excitement into the bedroom. Whether it’s by yourself, or with your partner, there’s so much to choose from- sex doesn’t have to be vanilla anymore! However, a lot of people find that choice pretty intimidating. It’s scary to try something new, especially when your most intimate parts are involved. Luckily for you, though, there are plenty of safe, fun ways you can ease yourself into the world of kink. Here are our top three ways to bring a bit more 50 shades Into the bedroom. Picks for beginners who want to see what all the fuss is about!


Butt Plugs

Let’s start with one of the most basic sex toys out there after a vibrator: butt plugs. As you might already know, your butthole is full of nerve endings, making it an extremely sensitive area. If approached in the right way, you can make the most of all these nerve endings to really enhance your sexual experience. Inserting a butt plug before you start will help to keep those nerves engaged and on edge, providing an incredible experience like you’ve never felt before. Suitable for men and women, butt plugs come in a huge range of sizes, so even if you’re a little hesitant about butt play, you’ll be able to ease yourself into things with a relatively small butt plug.


Stainless Steel Ben Wa Balls

Like we mentioned earlier, 50 Shades has really encouraged people to explore their more adventurous side when it comes to sex. The most memorable scenes of 50 Shades were those that involved stainless steel Ben Wa balls.

In 500 A.D. the balls were created in Japan. The trend spread through Asia and made its way through the rest of the world.

Ben Wa balls consist of one solid and one hollow ball and they are filled with a liquid or a smaller metal ball.

To use the balls, you insert them into the vagina until they make contact. Then the slightest motion will cause the hollow ball to vibrate, providing you with waves of pleasure. Rock back and forth, and there you have it- hands-free fun! Please note, though, that stainless steel Ben Wa balls are only suitable for women, since there’s no guarantee that they can be safely removed during anal play.


Adult Swing

So far, we’ve dealt with ways that you can enhance the physical feeling of your sexual experience. However, there’s also a whole other side to more adventurous sexual play, which involves the mental side of things- and that’s where adult swing comes in. While monogamy is enough for some people, others crave a bit more excitement and variety in the bedroom. That’s where adult swing comes in- by either swapping partners, or all going at it together, many people find that they have a much more satisfying sex life. The internet is the best source for finding the adult swing scene in your city. Whether you meet up with complete strangers for some no-strings-attached fun, or bring a friend into the bedroom, adult swing is an excellent way of broadening your sexual horizons. Just make sure that both you and your partner are completely comfortable with what takes place, so that you both end up happy and satisfied.

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