Smoke On The Water… Water Pipe Blog

Smoke On The Water... Water Pipe Blog

Smoke On The Water… Water Pipe Blog

 Smoke On The Water… Water Pipe Blog:  Although some smokers do view dry pipes as the most practical and price efficient option this is not always the case. Just like particular wine, beer, foods etc. our world of smoking is based on one thing and one thing only, taste and preference of each connoisseur.

Some travelers in the smokers galaxy find that dry pipes produce an intense throat hit that can cause discomfort and irritation. Which in turn, unfortunately, is enough to kill any desire to puff puff pass. Thankfully however, we live in an innovative world that is constantly evolving, and it seems the galaxy never fails to offer an alternative solution!

Bringing us to my personal favorite smoking method;  water pipes. Adding liquid to the equation allows smoke to slightly cool, while assisting in filtration of tars and other harsh molecules in the smoke. These water pipes come in a variety of styles and designs. Let’s talk about some.

carb1.jpg Carb2.jpg


Some water pipes will include a small hole somewhere in the middle of the stem orbase of each water pipe. This will act as your carburetor. While this is not necessary for the bongs design, carburetors produce a much more intense hit due to the flow of fresh air through the pipe that flows once you release your finger. This fresh air rapidly forces smoke into your lungs making it easier to clear all smoke at once.

straight1.jpg straight2.jpg


Straight-tube water pipe is simply a tube (sealed at one end of the stem with a bowl poking out of the side and mouthpiece on the opposite end. With minimal work to begin toking, all you simply need to do is pour a bit of water in tube, place tobacco/herb blend in bowl, and puff, puff, pass. Simple and straightforward smoking at its finest!

beaker1.jpg beaker2.jpg


Similar to the straight-tube water pipe the beaker-shaped water pipe follows the same construction with the exception of the bottom being flared into a cone shape that looks like a beaker. Who woulda thunk it! The larger base makes this a more durable and lasting water pipe. The smoking process is the same fill with water, fill with tobacco/herb blend, and smoke until you choke!



The round base water pipe has a sphere-shaped water chamber and a flat base. These water pipes are more stable than the straight tube water pipe and less stable than the beaker style. This is due to the smaller flat surface. The mechanics of using any of these water pipes remain the same regardless the shape!

multi1.jpgmulti2.jpg                    MULTI-CHAMBER WATER PIPE

A variation of the straight-tube water pipe is the multi-chamber water pipe. The multi-chamber is commonly referred to as a recycler.  It consists of a straight tube, separated into two chambers. The two chambers are connected by a third chamber.

Water is held in both chambers, filtering the smoke twice, producing a smoother, cooler smoke. Multi-Chamber make for great display and conversational pieces, however, come with a few minor setbacks.

First off, prepare to put a dent in your wallet. These water pipes typically possess a significantly higher price tag than other types; primarily due to the amount of time and skill it takes to create such complex and elaborate designs.

Secondly, intricate elements in these pipes create a more tedious cleaning process thus making it nearly impossible to fully clean.

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