Robot Sex: To do, or not to do

robot sex

Robot Sex: To do, or not to do

Humans. Robots. Robot Sex. Are We Settling Ourselves On a Path to Devalue Consent In the Age of Robot Brothels?

Do y’all remember back in the 90’s, Bjork released a video for her track “All is Full of Love“?

It featured these stunning, gorgeous lesbian robots, all porcelain and smooth, cold and bright. The robots were sensual in a way that I’d never considered machines capable of being. I never would have thought Robot Sex was in our future.

Plus, the track itself is pure lush brilliance. In any case, fifteen year old me thought that video was the sexiest thing ever created. I’m 35 now, and not in the least bit ashamed to admit that little fantasy nugget has never really escaped my psyche.

There’s something undeniably sexy about getting exactly what you want, when you want it, after all. It’s the kind of power trip that dances on the edge of our egos, enticing us to satisfy the most basic of carnal desires. It’s not just my opinion, either.

Recent polls and studies of google search strings have shown a dramatic increase in what society once considered altogether taboo and unseemly.

Among the most common fetishes milliners are curious about – robot eroticaor robot sex, if you will. The notion is a common topic around water colors all over America. Which makes a typical office job at least a modicum more interesting.

Houston recently vetoed a business proposal for the nation’s first robot brothel, much to the chagrin of Houston millennial from all walks of life. They, like the rest of us, find the idea of creating a sexual partner with your ideal physical specifications, and then fucking it, immensely alluring.

That, and let’s remember were talking about literal gear and component machines here.

Forget about pesky human things, like emotions and worry, which stems from the suspicions that someone might be playing games with you.

What a treat it would be, after all, to delight in fantastic sex to your hearts content, without the omnipresent dread of morning and the “so…I’ll call you sometime, okay” conversation lording over you and hindering your ability to remain uninhibited in your escapades.

No pregnancy scares, and no trying to walk that thin line between impressing a date, and weirding them out.

Basically, there are a lot of reasons why a robot partner is quickly shaping up to be the ideal partner for human companionship in today’s modern age.

That said, my 30’s have afforded me a little perspective, and the ability to think about the ramifications of a “robot brothel-accepting society”.

It’s thanks to this little tidbit of clarity that I would like to pose a couple questions to all of you, “Are we giving up our humanity by settling for robot sex”?

As an aside, I’d like to quickly point out that years of University never prepared me for the fact that eventually someone would actually hire me to pose the previous question. Follow your dreams, kids!

Look, humans are messy, emotional, complicated and altogether narcissistic assholes.

Sex, especially, is a topic that never seems to get any easier to navigate. With emotions comes the potential to hurt another person, or find yourself hurt as well. That’s the name of the game, though, as most of our romantic trysts are largely one-sided.

One person inevitably feels stronger towards the other without those emotions ever really being reciprocated. Some of us are lucky enough to find a partner who feels the same way, at least for a spell.

That feeling – mutual acceptance and shared causality purpose – that shit’s intoxicating. Literally.

Love and attraction releases a chemical in our brains called Oxycontin.

It’s our species potion for assuring our continued survival – it solidifies our relationships. Falling in love/lust is a literal drug. It’s that experience that I fear people will not only miss out on, but become uninterested in even attempting to seek out and pursue.

I mean, why risk the soul-crushing feeling of rejection, when for the right price, you can buy whatever experience you want?

Robots can’t say no, after all. . .

Which leads me to my second question: is that honestly a good thing?

The potential to become desensitized to consent is there. If you get what you want all the time, without ever having to seek permission first, what’s going to stop you from mistakenly believing that the rest of the world is like that as well;

that humans are just another one of your play things.

There are already a myriad of examples out there that illustrate this point: Look at people who find themselves addicted to porn, for instance.

At first, it’s just a fun, naughty thing. These perfect-bodied people having what looks and sounds like amazing sex, and the voyeur in most of us can’t help but be turned on.

It’s incredibly sexy – there’s no shame in your game. But that turn on becomes a “turn-must” for a lot of people who begin to believe their own sexual encounters should mirror what they’re seeing consistently.

“Vanilla” sex becomes unfulfilling, and for many people, their fantasies become more and more extreme. The compulsion to fulfill that fantasy replaces the joy that actual intimacy brings.

Suddenly you find yourself unable to even care about typical sex. Nor the needs and desires of your partner. All because intimacy was replaced with convenience and a “quick-fix.

Our own self-gratification becomes paramount to everything and everyone else.

The need to seek out consent (to listen for a ‘yes’ instead of only stopping if you hear no) is typically the first casualty when a person decides their needs are what matters, and the only thing that matters.

So, tell me what y’all think! Are you ready to accept robot sex with open arms and vaginas? Or are you wary of the unintended consequences that might stem from human/robot companionship?

Personally speaking, I’m going to remain close, personal friends with my vibrator (ladies, one word¬†Leten).

In the mean time, I’ll keep setting the bar higher and higher when it comes to navigating awkward human relationships. I’ve always been something of an overachiever, after all. And, when the mood strikes me, there’s a music video out there featuring delightful lesbian robots.

“All is Full of Love” still makes me feel all tingly in my lady bits, even 20 years later. That’s where this little gem is going to remain, as well. Safely tucked away in the taboo section of my mind, fondly remembered…

Until I’m resurrected as a cyborg, anyway. And then, ladies and gentlemen, Naughty_Bots of the nation, all bets are off.

It takes a lot of courage to open up about these subjects. Please share your comments below. And while you’re at it, go ahead and check out Bjork’s “Homogenic” album.

Till next time,
Sashwillica Featherbooty

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