6 Ways To Spice It Up

6 ways to spice it up in the bedroom

6 Ways To Spice It Up

Are things a little dull, and mundane in the bedroom? You or your partners moves under the sheets a little too predictable. Doesn’t mean you have to throw your partner out and find another one. You just need to try something new, and change up the routine a little bit. There are several ways to add some heat to your fire, but here are 6 ways to spice it up in the bedroom now!

1. Talking Dirty

Some of us are probably more comfortable than others when it comes to talking dirty. From calling him “daddy” to telling our partner to “f*** me harder.” Talking dirty is a pretty safe place to start when you want to add some spice to the bedroom.

Talking with your partner is key in setting up some boundaries and learning what you and your partner/s are ok with before getting started. While it may feel odd starting out once you let those pre jitters go it will come naturally.


2. Roleplay

I know most if not all of us have a celebrity crush, or that one hall pass we are given by our partner/s. Why not bring them into the bedroom? Have you ever wanted to get naughty with a nurse, or subdued by a wrestler?

Put on a costume and become a completely different person.You could be Mistress Mandie or Professor Dick. You create the character and persona and transform yourself into whoever that costume or wig makes you become. For more ideas check out our Costume Category.

3. Lingerie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lingerie will definitely add some heat to the bedroom. Throw on a sexy bra and thong match that with some thigh high stockings and try to keep your partner off of you. Corsets and Babydolls can show off your curves in all the right places. Leather, lace, fishnet, the possibilities are endless. Be confident in your lingerie, and how you present it. There is nothing sexier than confidence, and sex appeal all wrapped up and ready to be opened like a gift on Christmas.


4. Toys
Everyone likes to play. Why not play with some toys in the bedroom? Vibrating cock ring for him, or some vibrating panties for her. There are so many to choose from. Shop with your partner, or you and your partner can pick a toy for one another. Depending on the amount of spice your wanting to add to the bedroom choose your toy based on what your looking to achieve. Harder climax, anal play, partner controlled orgasms and the list goes on.


5. Lights Camera Action

Have a camera recording you and your partner/s during the act can be super hot! You can use it for a solo session later or to watch during your next session together. I have to give a disclaimer here, only do this if you have permission from everyone involved.

Your own personal porn starring you. You can even watch to get and give pointers to your partner/s. That can only make the next session you have together that much better for you and your partner/s.

If you really enjoy this idea. perhaps you might want to try taking it a step further by broadcasting live in front of an internet audience. For some, webcam modelling is a big turn on. A great site to get a feel for the web camming experience you can make an account at Chaturbate.com – Adult Cams!


6. Lube It Up

Lube would be a great product to use for those of you who are just beginning to turn the heat up between the sheets. There are hundreds of different types of lubes. Want to add some new sensations or tingling in between your legs try some lube that heats up at first and then turns cool.

Tired of just that fleshy flavor add some pina colada lube, or top your partner off with a little cherry flavored lube.

There are even lubes out there intended for numbing reasons.

Hey our mouths get tired at some point and most people have a gag reflex so why not use some lube to get rid of those issues. Not only do the lubes provide wonderful sensation but to ad a little more spice to this option, try using a Lubricant Launcher.

These are 6 ways to spice it up to your bedroom. Browsing our Shop page, you will see the possibilities are endless. So don’t be shy! Try one or more of these ideas tonight and we guarantee that you’ll have a very naughty good time.

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