Finding Pride in Your Vices: Prologue

Finding Pride in Your Vices: Prologue
Finding Pride in Your Vices: Prologue

I have always lived by the classic code of live and let live. If you’re not hurting anyone else, then you should be able to do whatever you desire.  Throughout human history, this ideal has been preached but rarely ever practiced by every society that has come and gone.  Religious constructs and personal discomforts have paved to way to what many consider universal morality.  What we do in the privacy of our homes is not safe from the judgement of those who simply do not share the same wants and needs, thus they feel offended by those actions (finding offense is easier for a simple mind to do than to find understanding or acceptance) and if they are offended then they believe it must inherently be wrong, evil, unnatural, and a bane to human existence.  Laws have been developed over time simply because many of these individuals held positions of power and influence, and these so-called vices that have not been made illegal were, and still remain, under a dark cloud called stigma.


I’m here to tell you, as a humanist, a sociologist, and scholar of psychology, that these stigmas are bunk.  Everything society considers “normal” is based on antiquated customs and folkways. All in all, as long as you are not creating harm or burden on anyone that isn’t specifically desiring said harm or burden (you know what I mean, wink) then you should never feel ashamed about your favorite vice or physical proclivity.  Embrace whatever it is that puts a smile on your face. Let that smoke fill the room!  Let that leather fly!


Until we catch up to places like certain European countries, we have to make adjustments in order to be self-reliant in our current ethnocentric society.  In terms of substance abuse, addiction can, as we all know, lead to one’s life falling apart.  What isn’t being researched empirically but has been observed throughout history is that most of what causes a person addicted to mind-altering substances is the way society makes a pariah out of him or her.  They are shamed out of families, lose jobs even if they aren’t coming to work under any chemical influence, and treated like rapists due to the disillusioned stigma. How many people whose lives have been torn apart in this situation would have been more functional and had more success as a productive member of society if these stigmas were never there? Many who are addicted fall into pits of despair that would have never been there in the first place if society, whom whether we admit it or not, we rely on for a large chunk of our pursuit of happiness, did not judge them in such a negative and criminal manner.  I truly believe most people can enjoy their plug of choice at a satisfying level and not be a “lost cause” or “leach” on everyone else.


Opinion is often misrepresented as fact.  Most of what I present are educated opinions based upon fact, but in keeping with a non-judging viewpoint on society, I would never intentionally represent my opinion as being superior to any other.  With this in mind, I must add that I personally don’t feel that every chemical, illicit or legal, can be enjoyed without risk of causing harm to others.  Let’s compare two well known street drugs, both considered “hard” and both can provide an ample amount of prison time: cocaine and phencyclidine, otherwise known as PCP, or angel dust if you partied in the 80s.  Cocaine definitely has its risks and can be deadly if over zealous in your consumption or if you choose to swallow a bar preceding the events instead of coming down naturally, but with the proper education and a little more discipline than most, these dangers can easily be avoided.  Self awareness is retained and even those who exhibit a quickness to anger and lashing out can utilize the awesomeness of self awareness to avoid causing harm to others.  The problem with a drug like PCP is that it can, and most likely will, cause any amount of self awareness to be non-existent, regardless of how educated and self aware one may be under non-influenced circumstances.  Without self awareness, and under the influence of such a mind altering hallucinogen, one can easily lose control in the worst possible ways.  Unlike hitting acid or consuming shrooms, PCP affects the part of the brain that keeps any sense of reality in check.  While tripping on acid or my beloved fungi, one will likely see things that aren’t there, as is the attraction to these hallucinogens, but everyone has the ability to learn retention of self awareness and what is really going on (although most of us weren’t able to the first few times simply because we weren’t prepared to do so).  In the heyday of PCP popularity, there were many violent assaults and murders attributed to this drug.  I am an adventurous man and I am willing to give most anything a try at least once, but PCP is one thing I will never touch.  I will never judge anyone who does decide to give it a go, I just ask that nobody does it anywhere around me.  I have no interest in dealing with a temporary, homicidal annihilator of what they think are pink shadows from the nth dimension of Croatoa.  On that note, lets move onto the sexy bits that I will most likely present in a very un-sexy way, unless you’re an acute sapiophile.


In terms of paraphilias (paraphila being the term used in psychology for those who have sexual desires outside of the norm and unfortunately considered a class of mental disorders) our society is slowly, but surely coming around.  When the sexual revolution went into full gear in the 1960s, everybody started to realize that they weren’t the only ones who didn’t want to be puritans in the bedroom and that most like a degree of kink, some a lot more than others.  Awareness and the promotion of acceptance can still be quite a shock to the uptight masses, but it is far less likely to tarnish your “reputation” as an “upstanding” member of your community than twenty years ago.  One of the best things to come out of the sexual revolution was the slowly growing seed of gender sexual equality.  More and more, every day, we are moving away from the unfortunate view that promiscuity in a woman is dirty and wrong but to be celebrated in men.  Ladies, if you’re not leading anyone on and going about it perspicaciously, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a congested sex life.  The same goes for us men, once again, keeping the ideal of not causing any harm to others, this includes psychological harm that can be caused by lying to someone to get that notch on your bed post (this also includes pedophilia, infantophilia, and other obvious types of paraphilia that we know causes immense trauma in those involved).


As I wrap up my first blog, I want to make a clarification.  In relation, we humans tend to take a common, yet specific type of a larger category and use the singular term as a broad label for the entire category.  For example, a large portion of society tends to call all sodas “Coke” or all facial tissues “Kleenex.”  In a way, I tend to do the same thing with the term “understanding” which is a specific type of knowledge.  One thing we all must realize is that there are going to be things other people do that we will never be able to comprehend (or truly understand), simply because we have a complete lack of desire to partake in that behavior.  This by no way means it is wrong and our own ability, or lack thereof, to understand why an individual does what he or she does should never-ever be used as a determining factor for right or wrong.  I will never understand how anyone could eat raisins.  Their wrinkly little carcasses literally make me gag if I attempt to eat them, but it would be completely asinine and utterly ridiculous if i went out and attempted to start an anti-raisin group that would go the the scenes of national tragedies holding up signs that said “This happened because you eat raisins.”  The point of this rambling paragraph is I want my readers to UNDERSTAND and acknowledge that I will utilize this word like an East Texan  soccer mom uses “Coke,” as a mean to express acceptance and awareness.


In future posts, I will write about ways one can be functional without giving up their vice and give examples of real individuals who do so every day.  I will also elaborate on various types of paraphysical activities and how shamelessly apply them to your social life in a way that helps create more awareness and acceptance.  Products that may help one be more successful in these endeavors will be provided as well.  in the meantime, enjoy your smoke, immerse in the elation of your fetishes & toys, and keep your chin up high while the decadence zaps your wits!  pThank you for taking this moment to further open your mind!

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